Frequently asked questions

What is considered a household or family?

A household is described best as, a house and it’s occupants regarded as a unit and a family as, a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

Is there a limit on the number of household or family members?

There is no set limit on the number of household or family members present for a shoot, but it is important that the members present are immediate family members.

What if we don’t want our family listing to be public?

When making a booking with us, an option will be made available to you for, a public or private lisitng. With a private lisitng a code will be sent to you for private acess to listing.

How are households or families recorded?

Households and families are recorded in two ways, with the use of visuals by means of photography and by survey. The two are then paired to form the families listing in the directory.

Are bookings available readily available nationwide?

The good news is, Yes! You can book a family portrait shoot with us for lisitng anywhere in South Africa. We have a large network partner of vetted photographers for Forever Family.

Apart from listing, how will we recieve our family photo’s?

All family photo’s will be delivered as a digital package on both web and mobile. These are easily shareable with all family members and images easily downloable and saved to any device.

Can we make print and convas orders with Forever Family?

Absolutely! This can be done with ease, from you delivered web or mobile image gallery you or any other family member will be able to place orders on prints and canvas delivered straight to your door.

Are family portrait bookings done only once per family?

The idea of a digital family directory is to be able to record the growth and change of families over time, with that being said with every new family member or addition another listing can be booked or done yearly.

What is the Forever Family e - Zine?

The Forever Family e - Zine is a lifestyle magazine supplement to the directory. Issues of the magazine will release bi-monthly and are totally free of charge, full of great content and more family features.

Interested in a career at Forever Family?

Forever Family is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry innovative team that keeps defining the future of digital publishing. See vacancies >>

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